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July 16th, 2010

04:31 pm - Never mind!
Gmail's recovered. Lost a week's worth of messages, but nothing more than that.

According to IP data, the hijacker (or hijackers) was (or were) from Nigeria. Way to sully your nation's reputation, guy (or guys, or gal, or gals). Africa is doing bad enough without all the negativity you're generating.

Bleh. At least it's done.

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July 11th, 2010

02:02 am - Help fix my Gmail!
Popping back in to ask this: who has Google connections of any kind, especially in the Gmail area? Someone hijacked my account, and I can't access it, and they're trying to scam money from my contacts with fraudulent messages. So far, Google's account recovery process has yielded nothing; it's automated, apparently, so if it doesn't work, there's not much else to do other than to submit the same form dozens of times. UNLESS I can get ahold of a real person.

Kind of important that I regain access to my address, before the scammer decides he's not going to make any money and, say, deletes the account. (The amount he's requested from people who have forwarded me their conversations is decreasing, so it may only be a matter of time before he gives up...) The archive is personally and professionally valuable.

Current Location: NOT London

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March 22nd, 2010

02:32 am - Are you folks still here?
I'd almost forgotten about this ol' thing. Might as well check in. Don't expect much more, necessarily.

Rode to Alaska this past summer. Kinda the biggest thing in my life since the last entry. It was pretty neat.

Not doing much cycling these days, though.

Still selling hats. Still no band. Still haven't used my degree for anything concrete. Still single in the sense of unmarried, but I have been dating, and things in the immediate future are looking quite interesting with one lady in particular. A recent development, that, so not quite sure what to call it yet. Exciting, whatever it is.

Still got the pig. Leroy sends his love.

My little sister is gonna take up the cello, sounds like. And my nephew is adorable. And my cousin has a new baby.


I think that's the highlights.

Seriously, though, if you wanna keep up with me (obviously), my Twitter's the same as my name here, and is much more regularly updated: http://twitter.com/YiddishSoul
Current Location: Austin, TX
Current Mood: intermittent

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November 13th, 2008

10:37 pm - Do you want to give me money to help my cancer-fighting transcontinental bike ride? Sure, we all do!
If you want to keep up with the latest developments in my Texas 4000 experience, you should get on Facebook and join this group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=30578354599

I'll repost the donation info here, too, as well as my little write up about the cause. But you should really join the group. It's my primary hub, aside from my profile and blog on the official website.

Hi. Let me tell you a little bit about this organization known as Texas 4000.

It's the longest annual charity bike ride in the world. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the fight against cancer and to raise funds for the American Cancer Society and Houston's M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. The summertime journey spans 4500+ miles and takes 70 days. The riders are volunteers (mostly students at UT Austin), and there are about 50 of us every year. We are each charged with raising at least $4500 on our own, and many surpass that; the organization has raised over $1,200,000 cumulatively through the riders' efforts and the generosity of the public at large. We bring hope to those who need it. We ride for those who can't.

Training and fundraising and preparations have begun! So yeah, I'm not really what you'd call an athlete, but I'm young enough and healthy enough that I know I can do this. And you can do your part, too! Here's how:

1) Join this group and spread the word.
2) Live your life for the benefit of others.
3) DONATE! We have a $1000 deadline on December 1st, and while panhandling on the streets of Austin has been wonderful so far, I could still use your help! Make a tax-deductible donation (in any amount you can spare), and you're almost certainly helping to save someone's life. Here's how to donate:

- Online, via PayPal: http://www.texas4000.org/give/donate (Be sure to put "Richard Geffen" in the "Purpose" field, so I get credited.)

- Mail a check (and put my name on the "Memo"/"For" line):

Texas 4000 for Cancer
P.O. Box 202315
Dallas, TX 75320-2315

- In person: So I can give you a grateful hug, if you want one.

We leave Austin in early June, 2009. We arrive in Anchorage in mid-August. Join us in sending a message across the continent to anyone who has been affected by cancer: You're not alone.

FYI: We have a $1000 fundraising deadline by Dec. 1st. If you're considering donating, now's the time. In return, you gain my eternal love, and the knowledge that your money will help literally save someone's life. No amount is too small. Seriously.
Current Location: Austin, TX

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October 3rd, 2008

11:23 pm - Important.

Listen to the celebrities. I'm not saying how to vote; just do your duty as an American and make sure your registration is valid now. The hours are ticking by!

ALSO: Hi! How's it going? I know it's been a while, but hey. I'll update this thing eventually. Main points: Still working toward the bike trip. Got my degree. Hats still sell. Life is pretty decent.

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April 25th, 2008

09:08 pm - Texas 4000 for 2009 (T4K 2K9).
You remember that massive summer transcontinental bike ride to benefit cancer research that I applied for in September, and didn't make? They started the 2009 process earlier than usual, so I applied again. This time, I made it to the interview stage, which took place earlier this week. And you know what I just heard? I got in.


I will be riding a bike with about 50 others from Austin to Alaska in June-August of 2009. This next year will be a busy time for us. Training, planning, promotion, fundraising, education. All for the benefit of mankind.

I am elated.

More to come!
Current Mood: jubilantjubilant

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February 24th, 2008

10:13 am - Come be haberdasherized! (That is, working for us.)
SXSW is approaching. Hatbox (formerly Vertigo Hats) always needs more help during the festival. It doesn't take much; if we get a handful of people taking a handful of shifts that week, it can really help us all out as far as us not dying from overwork and being able to actually do some things. There're discounted hats involved (details in the works). You get to meet all sorts of interesting people from all over the planet, and you automatically have an excuse to talk to them. Interested? Let me know.

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February 14th, 2008

11:22 am - Happy Dorky Awkward V-Day!

Thank this guy.

Current Mood: dorky & awkward

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January 27th, 2008

04:56 pm
LiveJournal, I have been neglecting you. I've had other priorities, which I suppose is a good thing. I'll do some sort of post about my trip soon, probably. Mostly with pictures, I suspect. It won't be a complete account, but I don't see how one could be expected.

I finish my anthropology degree halfway through the summer, it looks like. I have the option of taking another year (well, fall and spring) part-time, and gaining a second degree in linguistics. This could be nice, I guess, but is it worth it? Would it help me at all in the future to have two BAs, rather than the one? I guess that depends on my career plans, but I don't really have them, yet. I also kind of want to get out of town for a while after graduation, which may or may not be tied into a job. Though I want to try for the Texas 4000 for the summer of 2009, and being accepted into that would tie me to Austin until then... Everything is up in the air, but in a much better way than the way in which it was up in the air when I'd dropped out of school and was unemployed and had nothing going. This could actually end up pretty well, if I play my cards right and the Fates smile upon me.

I might be singing some reggae with the UT Caribbean Ensemble this semester. I'll let you folks know when those shows may be.

I'm still single, but not hopeless. There are positive signs.

Leroy's good.

So anyway, how are YOU?

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December 29th, 2007

02:37 pm
I am at Kibbutz Gvulot, which is, I'm told, about five minutes from Gaza. Interesting.

It's nice. This country is nice. My groupmates are nice. All is nice.

More later.

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